D Kadam, Kadam Anil, Bhosale Shubham, Galinde Akash
1804 International Journal of Scientific Development and Research   unpublished
Today, most of the systems are automated in order to face new challenges and present day requirements to achieve good results. Automated Systems have less manual operations, so that flexibility, reliabilities are high and accurate. Hence every field prefers automated control systems, especially in field of electronics. The goal of the project is to develop unique system through GSM technology which controls various units of the houses, industries, and also provides a security system .the
more » ... appliances can be utilized by managing them remotely by using GSM Technology, which enables the user to remotely control the operations of the appliance just by pressing keypad the user can perform ON/OFF operations on the appliances. This system is designed to carry out ATM transactions without the use of debit card. The structure of ATM transaction without using debit card contains a matrix keypad ,a GSM modem, an IVRS, dtmf decoder for security dial up interfaced to the microcontroller(ARM 7).The keypad interfaced to the controller is used as the password entry system.