An Unbalanced voltage Compensation Strategy for Islanded Microgrids by using Fuzzy Logic Controller

G Naresh, K Sateesh Babu
2017 IJIRST-International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology|   unpublished
In this paper, a control technique with low bandwidth transmission correspondences for paralleled three-phase inverters is proposed to accomplish palatable voltage unbalance compensation. The proposed control calculation principally comprises of voltage/current impedance loop controllers, a droop controller, a particular virtual impedance loop, and an unbalance compensator. The inward circle controllers depend on the stationary reference frame to better alleviate the voltage mutilation under
more » ... linear loads. Droop control and particular virtual impedance loop accomplish exact current-sharing when supplying both linear and nonlinear loads. In addition, by altering voltage references concurring to the adequacy of the negative sequence voltage, the unbalance component, which is for the most part created by single phase generators/loads, can be alleviated to an extreme low value. At last, an AC microgrid which incorporates three-phase three-leg inverters was tried to accept the proposed control technique.