Factuality Checking in News Headlines with Eye Tracking [article]

Christian Hansen and Casper Hansen and Jakob Grue Simonsen and Birger Larsen and Stephen Alstrup and Christina Lioma
2020 pre-print
We study whether it is possible to infer if a news headline is true or false using only the movement of the human eyes when reading news headlines. Our study with 55 participants who are eye-tracked when reading 108 news headlines (72 true, 36 false) shows that false headlines receive statistically significantly less visual attention than true headlines. We further build an ensemble learner that predicts news headline factuality using only eye-tracking measurements. Our model yields a mean AUC
more » ... f 0.688 and is better at detecting false than true headlines. Through a model analysis, we find that eye-tracking 25 users when reading 3-6 headlines is sufficient for our ensemble learner.
doi:10.1145/3397271.3401221 arXiv:2006.09736v1 fatcat:6ybkvdz6gvdcpk5w2ocl7j5xky