Medical Diary for the ensuing Week

1891 The Lancet  
Medical Diary for the ensuing Week. Monday, February 23. ROYAL LONDON OPHTHALMIC HOSPITAL, MOORFIELDS. -Operations daily at 10 A.M. -ritoYAL WESTMINSTER OPHTHALMIC HOSPJTAL.-Operations, 1.30 P.M., and each day at the same hour. CHELSEA HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN.-Operations, 2.30P.M. ; Thursday, 2.30. ST. MARK'S HOSPITAL.-Operations, 2.30 P.M. ; Tuesday, 2.30 P.M. HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN, SOHO.SQUARE. -Operations, 2 P.M., and on Thursday at the same hour. METROPOLITAN FREE HOSPITAL.-Operations, 2 P.M. ROYAL
more » ... tions, 2 P.M. ROYAL ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL.-Operations, 2 P.M. CENTRAL LONDON OPHTHALMIC HOSPITAL.-Operations, 2 P.M., and each day in the week at the same hour.
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