A library of H band stellar spectra for stellar population analysis purposes

R. Dallier, C. Boisson, M. Joly
1996 Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series  
A sample of 37 stars of luminosity classes I, III, V, including few SMR stars observed in the H band with a medium resolution (R=1500−2000) is presented. This sample of flux calibrated spectra is intended to widen existing stellar libraries. A new IR spectrograph, ISIS/IR, foreseen for CFHT has been used. Its main characteristics are briefly described. Stellar spectra obtained with this new spectrograph are compared to similar data obtained with the ESO NTT IRSPEC spectrograph. The behaviour of
more » ... h. The behaviour of some prominent features is described and it is shown that the COλ1.60/SiIλ1.60 line ratio is a good luminosity indicator for stellar types later than K0.
doi:10.1051/aas:1996111 fatcat:lmaknf5gfbhwjbd2zrimikyuqa