Isolation of endosulfan degrading bacteria and their degradation characteristics
유기염소계 농약 endosulfan을 분해하는 미생물의 분리 및 분해 특성

Jae-Ho Shin, Yun-Young Kwak, Won-Chan Kim, Jai-Hyun So, Hyun-Soo Shin, Jong-Woo Park, Tae-Hwa Kim, Jang-Eok Kim, In-Koo Rhee
2008 Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture  
A bacterium, which was named to be Bacillus sp. E64-2, capable of degrading endosulfan was isolated from the environmental sample using enrichment culture technique. The Bacillus sp. E64-2 was able to degrade 99% of 10 mg/L endosulfan in the culture media within 7 days at 30 . Endosulfan diol ℃ was the only intermediate by the endosulfan degrading bacterial culture and the pH value of the culture media was significantly increased to pH 8.4 from pH 7.0 after 7 days of incubation. When the
more » ... on. When the endosulfan and the crude extract of the strain were incubated, endosulfan diol was a major metabolite. Both the enzymatic reaction and the pH-increasing effect contribute to the degradation of endosulfan by the bacterial culture.
doi:10.5338/kjea.2008.27.3.292 fatcat:vr3tfwlszjee7juufyqazjp6da