Highly Secured Indoor Outdoor Localization for E-Hostel Management

2015 Journal of Network Communications and Emerging Technologies (JNCET) www.jncet.org   unpublished
This paper completely describes about the automatic attendance marking system and parent alerting system for high safety for the hostel students were present more than 500 in one institution. In this model each and every student has to store their finger print data base with their parents or guardians mobile number. We have proposed a system that takes attendance of student and maintaining its records in an academic institute automatically. Were the students has to place their finger print on
more » ... o biometric system which is placed in the hostel office room and in the main gate of watchman room. When the both finger print matches with the help of WIFI interfaces which compared with previously stored data base of the student and the result produces true, then the students allowed to exit from hostel. At the same time SMS alert of the students exit time and the date will be send to the parents through GSM module to their mobile and a copy of total number of students exited from the hostel is stored in the PC. The LCD display is connected with the module to count the number of students exited from gate. Index Terms-RF, GSM, BIOMETRIC system, WIFI finger print, LCD display, MATLAB 7.2.