Direct numerical simulation of turbulent Taylor–Couette flow

2007 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
We investigate the dynamical and statistical features of turbulent Taylor-Couette flow (for a radius ratio 0.5) through three-dimensional direct numerical simulations (DNS) at Reynolds numbers ranging from 1000 to 8000. We show that in three-dimensional space the Görtler vortices are randomly distributed in banded regions on the wall, concentrating at the outflow boundaries of Taylor vortex cells, which spread over the entire cylinder surface with increasing Reynolds number. Görtler vortices
more » ... Görtler vortices cause streaky structures that form herringbone-like patterns near the wall. For the Reynolds numbers studied here, the average axial spacing of the streaks is approximately 100 viscous wall units, and the average tilting angle ranges from 16 • to 20 • . Simulation results have been compared to the experimental data in the literature, and the flow dynamics and statistics are discussed in detail.
doi:10.1017/s0022112007007367 fatcat:q2fgqzbkjvfczewvodpvmqokbm