A Novel System Design for Intravenous Infusion System Monitoring for Betterment of Health Monitoring System using ML- AI

In the upswing of contemporary science we can monitor and regulate the saline flow rate. Scrupulous flow has to be retained so that risks of fore shortening the threshold level of patient's heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level in blood level. Intravenous infusion used intermittently in hospital has to be checked for is purity. For the change in threshold level of patient's body condition, saline flow has to be adjusted. The assessments obtained from the patients is proceed to the
more » ... zer controller which is connected to the cloud is updated periodically to avoid loss of reports. The updated data sets shared to the chemist and CPU so that flow rate of saline is controlled automatically in accordance to the data received. The machine learning based algorithm (SVM) is used to predict the more accurate changes on data which is obtained from patients so that the controller can act agilie. This work gives better results based on the accuracy level calculation and efficiency improvement in terms of more fast response.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.c8766.019320 fatcat:2h7556jumrh43i4xrrpaarunyy