Implicitly Constrained Substation Model for State Estimation

A. de la Villa Jaen, Exposito, A. Gomez
2002 IEEE Power Engineering Review  
Five torus-type brushless dc motors, each with a different version of the stator core structure, are analyzed. The first one is a slotless stator core, and the four others have the space between the adjacent coils of stator winding filled with the material made either of iron powder composite or laminated iron. An analysis of the motor performance is based on a three-dimensional (3-D) field motor model as well as on the circuit model of the inverter plus the motor set supplied from the battery.
more » ... d from the battery. The toothed stator core versions show a significant increase of the average torque and also an increase of torque ripple caused mainly by the rise of cogging torque. The analysis based on the simulation results is backed by measurements carried out on the prototype of slotless stator version of the motor. Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of including detailed substation models in state estimation at the least possible cost. After reviewing existing altematives, it is shown how Lagrange multipliers associated with topological constraints can be computed easily from an implicit model whose size is slightly larger than that of the conventional bus-branch approach. This allows bad data and topological error processing to be carried out simultaneously. Abstract: This paper studies an electricity producer's long-term optimality in the case of a multireservoir hydropower system. The model solves the optimal production process and trading strategy of electricity and weather derivatives by maximizing the utility from production and terminal water reservoir level. The optimal trading strategy hedges the rainfall and electricity price uncertainties.
doi:10.1109/mper.2002.4312285 fatcat:kph6o6y32ragdhmbt3pzevkoxu