Deep Oxidation of Hydrocarbons on Polyoxide Nickel- Containing Catalysts

Z.T. Zheksenbaeva, S.A. Tungatarova, T.S. Baizhumanova, R.O. Sarsenova
2017 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
The data on investigation of polyoxide Ni-Cu-Cr/2 % Ce/θ-Al2O3 catalysts on carriers with specified properties for deep oxidation of hydrocarbon - toluene, which has a strong toxic effect on living organism and flora, are given. The influence of technological parameters (temperature, space velocity, concentration of toluene in a mixture with air) on the completeness of the conversion of toluene (to CO2 and H2O) on an effective polyoxide catalyst has been studied. It was shown that the
more » ... that the synthesized polyoxide Ni-Cu-Cr catalyst supported on 2 % Ce/θ-Al2O3 provides 98.8 % conversion of toluene to CO2 in the oxidation reaction of toluene at a space velocity of 5×103 h-1, 723 - 773 K and the content of toluene 100 - 570 mg/m3 in mixture with air.
doi:10.3303/CET1761309 doaj:218b3e6796684ca2bc6d64412da4755d fatcat:sbkzrieqcbeapmljssycujaqcm