Lipids and qualities of pork adipose and muscular tissues. Factors of variation. 1rst Part: Lipids and qualities of adipose tissue. Factors of variation

J. P. GIRARD, Josiane BOUT, Dominique SALORT
1988 Annales de Zootechnie  
traits under study were much more affected by breed than by halothane phenotype. Regarding breed differences, the results may be summarized as follows : 1 -The LW breed, free from Halothane sensitivity, exhibits a relatively slow pH fall and gives meat with the most satisfying technological qualities. 2 -The P breed combines a low pHl (due to the high incidence of HP animals) with a rather low ultimate pH (presumably due to a slightly higher muscle glycolytic potential). Since the post-mortem
more » ... e the post-mortem acidification of muscle tissue takes place at a fast rate and has a relatively large extent, the meat from P pigs presents the worst technological qualities. 3 -In the BL breed, the unfavorable effects of halothane sensitivity are counterbalanced to some extent by the maintaining of ultimate pH at a higher level than in the two other breeds in most muscles studied : BL pigs are consequently intermediate between LW and P in meat quality. Genetic parameters of some meat quality traits in the Large-White,
doi:10.1051/animres:19880337 fatcat:7lgh2e2c5vcb5cm6eel3vdfoy4