З.Ш. Агавова
The article describes the principles of identifying and determining the primary source of borrowed vocabulary of Dagestani languages from the Arabic language. Genetic related Dagestani languages, Turkic languages, and Arabic are involved in the study. Among researchers, there is an ambiguous interpretation and understanding of Arabic loanwords in the languages of the peoples of Dagestan. The author analyzes a number of words that could cause difficulties in identifying the source of borrowings.
more » ... urce of borrowings. It is known that the practice of a language group also causes borrowing, when the source of development of one language is the lexical fund borrowed from another language. Language contacts are caused by social, economic, political, and cultural processes that occur in the lives of native speakers. These factors are crucial. As numerous studies show, territorial proximity is not the reason for the contact and interaction of languages. The examples show that the Dagestan languages were carried out by borrowing from the Arabic language solely through independent. The independent borrowing of words from Arabic by the Dagestani languages, without the mediation of the Turkic languages, is also indicated by the fact that many Arabic words that are present in the mountain languages are absent in the Turkic languages. After all, borrowing can only occur if a particular word already exists in the language.
doi:10.24412/1991-5500-2020-685-457-458 fatcat:ypc6hkuglfaj5pw42lllsi53yq