John A. Grossbeck
1909 Canadian Entomologist  
The constant receipt of apparently undescribed species of Geomet-rid= for determination, makes it desirable that a few be now and then given names. The following species from Southern California and Arizona represent well-marked forms not very easily confounded with anything hitherto described : Uydriomena densnta, new species.-Expanse, 25 mm. Head, thorax and abdomen clothed with mixed brown and grayish scales, the gray ones predominating except on the front and on the palpi, where they are
more » ... , where they are largely brown. T h e abdomen has also two brown dorsal spots, separated by a whitish spot, on the posterior margin of each segment. Primaries grayish, heavily overlaid with dark brown, the cross-lines composed of the ground colour. Basal line geminate, irregular, the interspace filled En with brown. Intradiscal line geminate, begins on costa one-third out from base, and extends, inwardly scalloped, to inher margin; as a whole, the line curves ontward, but the large scallop between the cubital and anal veins gives the appearance of an inward curve. Extradiscal line geminate and much waved ; begins on costa one-third in from apex, extends outward to radial vein, then curves inward to cubitai vein, and outward again before reaching the inner margin. The space between the intra-and extradiscal lines is dark brown, sometimes with darker wavy lines running through it. Subterminal line wavy, whitish in colour, and runs parallel with outer margin throughout its course. Terminal line broken up into black spots arranged one on each side of the veins. Fringe gray, blackish at the veins. Discal spot black, scarcely to be differentiated from the dark band in which it is situated. Two black dashes are between veins M, and R4" and M, and M" external to the
doi:10.4039/ent41153-5 fatcat:njxsquukfveddeevvatoxfzlui