Stratlets: Low Reynolds Number Point-Force Solutions in a Stratified Fluid

A. M. Ardekani, R. Stocker
2010 Physical Review Letters  
We present fundamental solutions of low Reynolds number flows in a stratified fluid, including the case of a point force (Stokeslet) and a doublet. Stratification dramatically alters the flow by creating toroidal eddies, and velocity decays much faster than in a homogeneous fluid. The fundamental length scale is set by the competition of buoyancy, diffusion and viscosity, and is Oð100 m-1 mmÞ in aquatic environments. Stratification can therefore affect the swimming of small organisms and the
more » ... rganisms and the sinking of marine snow particles, and diminish the effectiveness of mechanosensing in the ocean.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.105.084502 pmid:20868101 fatcat:74cj6omwireqjggyetapgpnnky