Precision spectroscopy of cold strontium atoms, towards optical atomic clock

M. Bober, J. Zachorowski, W. Gawlik, P. Morzyński, M. Zawada, D. Lisak, A. Cygan, K. Bielska, M. Piwiński, R.S. Trawiński, R. Ciuryło, F. Ozimek (+1 others)
2012 Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences  
This report concerns the experiment of precision spectroscopy of cold strontium atoms in the Polish National Laboratory of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics in Toruń. The system is composed of a Zeeman slower and magneto-optical traps (at 461 nm and 689 nm), a frequency comb, and a narrow-band laser locked to an ultra-stable optical cavity. All parts of the experiment are prepared and the first measurements of the absolute frequency of the 1S0-3P1, 689 nm optical transition in 88Sr atoms are performed.
doi:10.2478/v10175-012-0082-x fatcat:4tp2k7e2tvhmhfxlee3c6t6qcy