Rosa Del C. Jiménez Ramirez, Mónica Mena Sánchez, Ramón E. Salazar Jiménez
2020 Revista Gênero & Direito  
This article addresses the issue of gender violence in Mexican men. From a doctoral research project that studied the violence experienced today by young university students (men) who are violated by women in their relationship. The study was carried out with a male student population of students attending classes in the school system, working with a universe of 3364 students corresponding to the enrollment in the system, applying a statistical formula of Taro Yamane (1998) to obtain the
more » ... o obtain the representative sample that yielded a total n = 345 students with a confidence level of Z = 99% and a sampling error of 0.52%. The instrument used was a questionnaire on violence in relationships provided by Dr. Fernando Chapado de la Calle, professor at the University of Malaga in collaboration with the Association of Shared Custody of Malaga, Spain. This instrument consists of six categories that measure the violence exerted by women towards men, with 10 items home category evaluated. The results show that university men who have a relationship as a couple suffer violence from their different manifestations, physical, economic, sexual, control, psychological and emotional on the part of women, and they are the gender that suffers in silence from being unable to manifest openly, because of the shame of historically belonging to the male figure, which represents in society the strongest and most insensitive stereotype.
doi:10.22478/ufpb.2179-7137.2020v9n01.50530 fatcat:wpqsbnypejddvboew5g3sriyoq