The Impact of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dynamics on the Kinneret Phytoplankton: I: Cyanophytes-Peridinium Alternate

Moshe Gophen
2017 Open Journal of Modern Hydrology  
During 1970During -2001 , several ecological changes were documented in the Lake Kinneret Ecosystem: Decline of total Nitrogen (TN) and increase of total Phosphorus (TP) loads with a corresponding decline of TN/TP ratio. The phytoplankton assemblages indicated consequence Increase of Cyanobacteria accompanied by elevation of the biomass of Chlorophyta and Diatoms. The Kinneret ecosystem functioning represented two superimposed events: the decline of TN enhanced Cyanobacteria and elevation of TP
more » ... and elevation of TP that was reflected by an increase of Chloropytes and Diatoms. Removal of Nitrogen was achieved but P load remained high enough to enhance Chlorophyta and Diatoms. Consequently, a top priority of future management perspective should be reduction of Phosphorus inputs.
doi:10.4236/ojmh.2017.74015 fatcat:7sef2pw53jbtpovjkf4b5sw5eu