Wirelessly-Powered Cage Designs for Supporting Long-Term Experiments on Small Freely Behaving Animals in a Large Experimental Arena

Byunghun Lee, Yaoyao Jia
2020 Electronics  
In modern implantable medical devices (IMDs), wireless power transmission (WPT) between inside and outside of the animal body is essential to power the IMD. Unlike conventional WPT, which transmits the wireless power only between fixed Tx and Rx coils, the wirelessly-powered cage system can wirelessly power the IMD implanted in a small animal subject while the animal freely moves inside the cage during the experiment. A few wirelessly-powered cage systems have been developed to either directly
more » ... to either directly power the IMD or recharge batteries during the experiment. Since these systems adapted different power carrier frequencies, coil configurations, subject tracking techniques, and wireless powered area, it is important for designers to select suitable wirelessly-powered cage designs, considering the practical limitations in wirelessly powering the IMD, such as power transfer efficiency (PTE), power delivered to load (PDL), closed-loop power control (CLPC), scalability, spatial/angular misalignment, near-field data telemetry, and safety issues against various perturbations during the longitudinal animal experiment. In this article, we review the trend of state-of-the-art wirelessly-powered cage designs and practical considerations of relevant technologies for various IMD applications.
doi:10.3390/electronics9121999 fatcat:ikecxt2wcvhvbpdqj6tbbphudy