Differential-difference operators and monodromy representations of Hecke algebras

Charles Dunkl
1993 Pacific Journal of Mathematics  
Associated to any finite reflection group G on an Euclidean space there is a parametrized commutative algebra of differential-difference operators with as many parameters as there are conjugacy classes of reflections. The Hecke algebra of the group can be represented by monodromy action on the space of functions annihilated by each differential-difference operator in the algebra. For each irreducible representation of G the differential-difference equations lead to a linear system of
more » ... ystem of first-order meromorphic differential equations corresponding to an integrable connection over the G-orbits of regular points in the complexification of the Euclidean space. The fundamental group is the generalized Artin braid group belonging to G, and its monodromy representation factors over the Hecke algebra of G. Monodromy has long been of importance in the study of special functions of several variables, for example, the hyperlogarithms of Lappo-Danilevsky are used to express the flat sections and the work of Riemann on the monodromy of the hypergeometric equation is applied to the case of dihedral groups.
doi:10.2140/pjm.1993.159.271 fatcat:7wgw7mqumfcjzalgybvv67pqaa