Embedding theorems into Lipschitz and BMO spaces and applications to quasilinear subelliptic differential equations

G. Lu
1996 Publicacions matemàtiques  
This paper proves Harnack's inequality for solutions to a class of quasilinear subelliptic differential equations. The proof relies on various embedding theorems into nonisotropic Lipschitz and BMO spaces associated with the vector fields X 1 , . . . , Xm satisfying Hörmander's condition. The nonlinear subelliptic equations under study include the important p-sub-Laplacian equation, e.g., 2 and A is a constant; B, C and D can be in appropriate function spaces. We note that A can be nonzero.
doi:10.5565/publmat_40296_04 fatcat:wbccdsx4ibgxjkcrcgyz3f2qzy