Nanocrystal seeding: A low temperature route to polycrystalline Si films

J. R. Heath, S. M. Gates, C. A. Chess
1994 Applied Physics Letters  
A novel method is presented for growth of polycrystalline silicon films on amorphous substrates at temperatures of 540-575 "C. Grain nucleation and grain growth are performed in two steps, using Si nanocrystals as nuclei ("sceds'",L The nanocrystal seeds are produced by excimer laser photolysis of disilane in a room temperature flow cell. Film (grain) growth occurs epitaxially on the seeds in a separate thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) step, with growth rates 10-100 times higher than
more » ... mes higher than similar CVD growth rates on crystal Si. Grain size and CVD growth rates are dependent on seed coverage, for seed coverage <0.2 monolayers.
doi:10.1063/1.111200 fatcat:47on5fusqrc7pnidfbzwlh3mza