Human Rights Violations in Swat Conflict: A Qualitative Study

Khurshaid, Muhammad Faheem, Asfandyar Marwat
Pakistan Journal Peace & Conflict Studies   unpublished
This study explores how humanitarian rights were violated in Swat during the conflict in 2007. Primary and secondary data was conducted by the authors to know the problems and sufferings of the people of Swat valley as a result of the war. The contacted sources established the fact that the humanitarian principles were severely violated by the parties of the Swat fighting. The inhabitants of the valley were found to be of the view that they suffered irreparable damages in terms of life,
more » ... education, food and honor etc. The existing literature on the issue also reinforces the views of the locals about their sufferings because of militancy. When the humanitarian principles of war against terrorism in Swat are analyzed, one reaches at the conclusion that there had been a significant gulf between claims and practices of the conflicting parties. Introduction: