Synthesis of SnO2 nanopowders by a sol-gel process using propanol-isopropanol mixture

Ali Hassanzadeh, Behrang Moazzez, Hossein Haghgooie, Mohsen Nasseri, Mir Golzan, Hassan Sedghi
2008 Open Chemistry  
AbstractA simple sol-gel process is proposed for synthesizing SnO2 nanopowders utilizing normal propanol and isopropanol mixture instead of just using normal alcohols such as ethanol, propanol or butanol for Sol preparation. No surfactant was used in this Sol preparation process. The structure of sol is studied by FT-IR-ATR technique. On altering propanol to isopropanol ratio, three different nanopowders were obtained. X-ray powder diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
more » ... ectron microscopy (HRTEM), selected area electron diffraction pattern (SAED) and BET techniques were used to characterize prepared powders. Results show that smaller grain size was obtained via altering alcohols ratio. In addition, Merck commercial SnO2 powder was also used as a reference material for comparing purposes; because it has nanometer scale (ca. 60 nm). HRTEM images show that obtained nanopowders were polycrystalline and their average diameters fall into the range of 6–80 nm. Finally, the effect of alkoxide ligand size through sol-gel synthesis on product particle size is discussed.
doi:10.2478/s11532-008-0072-x fatcat:tostdvrwibfohix4jvrdh4b22i