Robotic power line maintenance systems

S V Solyonyj, V F Shishlakov, O Ya Solenaya, V P Kuzmenko, E S Kvas, A V Rysin
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
When transmitting electricity over long distances, overhead power lines are used. When servicing the lines, brigades of workers performing manual inspection are used. This collection of information is not efficient and time-consuming, since it is possible to identify only those problems that a person can see. Problems such as the destruction of insulators, the slope of the poles of power lines, a small layer of icing will remain unnoticed and will lead to serious consequences, such as a break
more » ... , such as a break in power lines and falling poles. If the lines are broken and the supports fall, the repair team will have to drive the entire section of the power transmission line from start to break, if the terrain allows you to use ground transportation. Provided that some lines can stretch for hundreds of kilometers -troubleshooting can stretch for several hours or even days. The use of robotic systems will prevent such accidents, and in case of their occurrence due to force majeure circumstances, speed up the search and repair. The likelihood of electric shock will also be reduced.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/734/1/012200 fatcat:4ujywrq7ofduziz3qsznrxmcnu