Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Air Velocity in a Parallel Milking Parlour During Summer Period

Piotr Herbut, Sabina Angrecka, Grzegorz Nawalany, Krzysztof Adamczyk
2015 Annals of Animal Science  
The research aimed at determining the most significant parameters affecting the microclimate of milking parlours, such as temperature, relative humidity and air movement in a parallel milking parlour in real operating conditions. The research was conducted in the summer period, when the risk of heat stress in cattle is higher. To check welfare of cows during milking, days with air temperature >25°C and days with temperature equal or lower than 25°C were analysed. Observation and analysis were
more » ... and analysis were performed for air flow in milking parlour, range of supplied air stream and how air movement affects cattle. It was observed that the irregular distribution of air movement led to the development of diverse air velocity in different zones of the milking parlour (0.2-9.0 m∙s-1). As a consequence, the conditions inside the barn were not homogenous for all the cattle. A significant effect of the cows and external air temperature (which depends indirectly on orientation of the milking parlour relative to cardinal directions) on temperature increase (approx 6°C) was concluded, with relative air humidity at the level of 85-90%, during the milking, which led to systematic decrease of microclimatic comfort for cattle. Based on the conducted research, it was concluded that the design of ventilation systems in parallel milking parlours should be preceded by increased research not only on ventilation system efficiency but also on the distribution of flow ventilated air.
doi:10.1515/aoas-2015-0001 fatcat:mhalkp5lyjdzxiroe3zj3rwbw4