A tribute of filial affection : a sermon, preached in the First Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, N.J., April 5, 1851, on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Jane Kirkpatrick / by Samuel B. How, D.D., Pastor of the church

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l. That a ll our talents a re the gift of Christ, bestowed upon us that we may use them for his glory. II. That they who have faithfully used them will be applauded and rewarded by him. To Christ, as the Son of God, are uniformly ascribed in the sacred Scriptures the high offices of the Creator, the Rul er a nd the Redeemer of men. j, All things were created by him a nd for him. He is before all things, a nd by him a ll th in gs consist--He is the H ead of th e body the Chu!'ch;" a nd it is
more » ... ch;" a nd it is owing to his mediation that life and its common enjoyments, as well as the morc special blessings of divine grace, are bestowed upon us. "If every good gi ft, and every perfect gift, is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights," they a ll flow to us through Christ, as the only medium of com~ mu nication between God and man. W e there fore are indebted to him, as the Mediatorial Lord and Head of his church for all our talents j that is for whatever we possess that we can U Se in his service and for his glory. Among hi s gifts there is a beautiful variety, both in kind and valu e, and they are bestowed on different servants in djfl'erent amounts. There are his gifts of nature; the chief of which, and the foundation of all the others, is life. To him w e owe all the excellencies of our nature j the st l'ength, health and beauty of OUl' bodies, a nd the amaz ing powers and capaciti es of our sp il' its , There are his gifts of p1'ovidellce; for he is ever with us, and conccl'Iled in whatever relates to us, and to him we owe whate\'cr we possess of w ealth, or learnin g, or wisdom, or influence. To him w e are indebted for lhe [[if!S oj grace; especially for the gift of
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