Russian hip-hop : rhetoric at the intersection of style and globalization [article]

Kathleen Eaton 1973- Feyh
This dissertation would not have happened at all without the great love and support of my wife, comrade, lover, and colleague Dana Cloud. With her advice, help, and constant encouragement, she picked me up and carried me over the finish line. Her love has been and remains the greatest gift I've ever received. I also want to acknowledge our daughter Samantha, who has been supportive and patient when there's been less time for her and more time either for working or for stressing out about
more » ... . I thank my mother Corinne for always rooting for me, all the time, no matter the goal and no matter the obstacles. I also thank my stepmother Leah, my brothers Bill and Andrew, my sister Elizabeth, and my mother in-law Lana for familial encouragement and love. I thank my committee, beginning with advisor Barry Brummett. Barry's move-italong ethic helped get me through, as did his understanding of the perils of perfectionism. Thanks also to committee members Thomas Garza, Joshua Gunn, Sonia Seeman, and Jurgen Streeck for their support and guidance, as well as for their caring friendship. There are colleagues and friends who deserve thanks as well. I thank the amazing trio of Angela Aguayo, Lisa Foster, and Kristen Hoerl for support and love. Also deserving gratitude are Jennifer Asenas,
doi:10.15781/t2bv7b120 fatcat:n7tio3hxq5a6pi7hkf7dn2oqyy