eBooks – a platform to build on

Maxim Van Gisbergen
2009 Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community  
Librarians have discovered that traditional and familiar sources of information on printed books simply do not, and in many cases cannot, offer complete information on the varied pricing and licensing options available for eBooks. As a result, processes like finding out whether a title is available electronically, which vendors it can be purchased from and against which prices and licensing conditions proves to be a costly and time-consuming exercise. These challenges are similar to those the
more » ... ilar to those the library community faced in the mid-late 1990's with the rapid rise of e-journals. When asked what could make eBook workflow processes more efficient, our customers were clear in asking for a single platform from which they could share, discover and compare available vendors and eBook purchasing options. Swets has consequently been working hard to develop a solution to satisfy this need. We have integrated an eBooks selection and acquisition platform into SwetsWise, and in October this new platform entered its beta testing phase. This phase will see a select group of customers using the platform to check whether it works, not only how they imagined it, but how it should actually operate. This follows the same development path as all our products and services, where we work in close contact with our customers throughout.
doi:10.1629/22s11 fatcat:fiynpu33zvfftjziwedkcvqeti