Three Pieces of Mind: III — Thought [chapter]

2020 Architecture and Naturing Affairs  
Imagine you walk into an existence and it all just makes sense. As you look around you, you see: there is order, there is beauty, there is, above all else, meaning. There is safety in knowing that that which is is to a purpose, an end, that that which is not is not meant to be, and that that which seems random seems random only but is in fact the result of a logic that is coherent, relevant, and above all fair. This is an existence, surely, that you could feel comfortable in, happy. Contented,
more » ... happy. Contented, your competence defined by the level of your comprehension. The layers arranged in ascending order: down in the basement the murkier, darker, less savoury parts, also those that need cooling, those that shun daylight, those that are ugly, and those that are rarely enough used to not need to be strictly on hand, but also not so obsolete as to be simply discarded. But also a place for the fugitives, for the ones who need, who seek sanctuary, now and then, be they beings or objects or deeds. At ground level, the entry point: wide and open, welcoming even. A receptacle, an atmosphere, a place just to be; perhaps a foyer,
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