The Symbolic Meaning of the Imaginary Characters in the Movie "Beautiful Mind"
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Seong-Hoon Kim
2013 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
The movie "Beautiful Mind" directed by Ron Howard is about a genius global mathematician, John Nash's life. In the movie, the main actor, John Nash is a schizophrenic patient who suffers from hallucination and delusion, and his illusion appears as three distinct characters. Each researcher has had a different opinion on the interpretation of these three characters, but many parts of their opinions are losing consistency. Especially the girl is assumed to be a character from the main actor's
more » ... ucination because she is ageless or there is no interpretation of the girl. Although the director Ron Howard did not adopt Aldous Huxley's theory "the more you know the more you see" for the movie, he analyzed the characters in the way of his own with thinking that he can analyze them in accordance with the knowledge level of audience. The imaginary characters come out from John Nash's head and who he wants to be. They are the basic human needs, earthly desire, sexual desire and the desire for honor. John Nash minutely reflects these three kinds of desires in an imaginary world through the three characters. This thesis is to newly suggest the symbolic meaning of the imaginary characters in the movie by clearly analyzing the meaning of the controversial three characters. ■ keyword :|Imaginary Character|Schizophrenia|Symbolic Meaning|John Nash|Human Need|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2013.13.10.113 fatcat:al7z6okeofhkbimjqw2k6soxyq