N-Bridged annulenes

Wilhelm Flitsch
1986 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The labile {lOb,lOc]diazapyraceheptylene 2 was obtained by thermoflash dehydrogenation of olefinic precursors. Pyrazino-[2,1,6-cd:5,4,3-c'd']dipyrrolizine 11 is a by-product of this synthesis. A frontier orbital model has been used to demonstrate that the chemical properties of diazapyraceheptylene derivatives depend to a great extent on the internal nitrogen lone pairs. The consequences of a diminution of the porphin it-system have been studied synthesizing bacteriophin and isobacteriophin 3.
more » ... hese parent compounds of hydrophorphins were compared with porphin derivatives.
doi:10.1351/pac198658010153 fatcat:vdyivnt5u5f2fh2pwim4x4zm2u