National and international labour migration. A case study in the province of Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Irene Rohner
Glossary 1 Aiyl (kyrg.) Village -the smallest administrative and territorial unit of the Kyrgyz Republic Aiyl bashy (kyrg.) "Head of the village", village authority -responsible for the management of local social activities and social services for a specific community Aiyl ökmötü (kyrg.) Federation of different villages to one municipality Aksakal (kyrg.) Regardful salutation for an elderly respected man. Literally it means "white beard" in Kyrgyz language. Bak (russ.) Garden Banya (russ.)
more » ... ouse Jailoo (kyrg.) High mountain pasture areas, which belong to the village Jogorku Kengesh (kyrg.) National parliament -the highest legislative organ of power in the Kyrgyz Republic composed of two assemblies: the Legislative Assembly (60 deputies), and the people's Representatives Assembly (45 deputies ). Some 15 seats in the Legislative Assembly are held by representatives of political parties that have received 5% or more of all votes cast during the last elections. Kolkhoz (russ.) Collective farm Kys-toi (kyrg.) Marriage of a daughter Mahalla (kyrg.) Neighbourhoods Mazar (kyrg.) 1. holy place, shrine, 2. graveyard, grave Moldo (kyrg.) or Mullah (kyrg.) Priest Murab (kyrg.) Villager, whose duty is to carry out the distribution of water for the households in the village for drinking and irrigation Oblast (russ.) Province -the largest administrative and territorial unit in the Kyrgyz Republic relating to regional territorial division (7 Province in Kyrgyzstan: Talas-, Bishkek-, Chui-, Jalal-Abad-, Issyk-Kul-, Osh-, Batken oblast) Posobie (russ.) Financial assistance (mainly child allowances and pensions) Propiska (russ.) Residence permit Rayon (russ.) District -the next basic administrative and territorial unit after the oblast in the Kyrgyz Republic relating to regional territorial division, 43 Rayon in Kyrgyzstan Rubl (russ.) Currency of Russia, 1.49 rubl = 1 som (June 2004) Som (kyrg.) Currency of Kyrgyzstan, 43.26 som = 1 USD (June 2004) Sotka (russ.) 1 sotka = 100 m 2 = 1 are Sovkhoz (russ.) State farm Sünnöt-toi (kyrg.) Circumcision (life-cycle celebration) Toi (kyrg.) Life-cycle celebration Üi-toi (kyrg.) House warming (life-cycle celebration) Ülönü-toi (kyrg.) Marriage of a son (life-cycle celebration) Ülüsh (kyrg.) Privatised land after independence. Literally it means "land share" in Kyrgyz language.
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