Pressure dependence of the BaFe2As2Fermi surface within the spin density wave state

D. Graf, R. Stillwell, T. P. Murphy, J.-H. Park, E. C. Palm, P. Schlottmann, R. D. McDonald, J. G. Analytis, I. R. Fisher, S. W. Tozer
2012 Physical Review B  
Measuring surface conductivity we have observed the evolution of Shubnikov de Haas oscillations under quasihydrostatic pressure for the pnictide parent compound BaFe 2 As 2 . Prior results in the reconstructed state have observed small pockets which emerge from zone folding as a result of structural changes with cooling. For pressures below 20 kbar, both Fermi surface orbits grow in size. The effective masses increase with pressure suggesting enhanced correlation in the system, and a series of
more » ... agnetic breakdown orbits are observed confirming that band structure calculations setting them in close proximity are correct.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.85.134503 fatcat:jiyw52ai5rblnkk4ysdoy62rx4