Orchiectomy, bilateral [chapter]

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Cryptorchid is the most common congenital defect found in dogs and cats. Cryptorchid is a failure condition of one or both testicle to descend into the scrotum. On 2 nd March 2019 an examination and treatment of two bilateral cryptorchid's dogs were done at the Praktik Dokter Hewan Bersama Grace Vetcare. The first patient's identity was a domestic dog, 3 years old, brown hairs, weigh 13 kg named Iro. The second patient's identity was a domestic dog, 1.5 years old, brown hairs, weigh 15.5 kg
more » ... d Jacky. Based on physical examination and ultrasound examination, two dogs were diagnosed Bilateral Inguinal Cryptorchid. Management treatment of both patients were done by orchiectomy operation. Orchiectomies were done by an open method, which is making incision in the left and right lateral inguinal region of the penis. This operation was done to minimize the risk of sertoli cell tumor (sertolioma). Orchiectomy is the only medical procedure that was recommended for cryptorchid treatment.
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