Review of Machining Equipment Reliability Analysis Methods based on Condition Monitoring Technology

Wei Dai, Jiahuan Sun, Yongjiao Chi, Zhiyuan Lu, Dong Xu, Nan Jiang
2019 Applied Sciences  
The condition of mechanical equipment during machining is closely related to the accuracy and roughness of the workpiece. In an intelligent sensing environment, a large amount of multi-source data reflecting status information are generated during processing, and a number of studies have been conducted for machining equipment reliability analysis. In this paper, the reliability analysis method of machining equipment based on condition monitoring technology is taken as the main line. And an
more » ... -date comprehensive survey of multi-source information during the cutting process, failure physical analysis for signal selection and reliability assessment based on condition information will be provided. Finally, the future challenges and trends will also be presented. It is a feasible and valuable research direction to evaluate the reliability of machining equipment for product quality characteristics.
doi:10.3390/app9142786 fatcat:y6sanirmsnabnatg6avlqe22x4