All-in-one superparamagnetic and SERS-active niosomes for dual-targeted in vitro detection of breast cancer cells

Viktor Maurer, Ajmal Zarinwall, Zunhao Wang, Stefan Wundrack, Nicole Wundrack, Didem Ag Seleci, Vivien Helm, Daniil Otenko, Claudia Frank, Fred Schaper, Rainer Stosch, Georg Garnweitner
2022 Sensors & Diagnostics  
Encapsulation of iron oxide and gold nanoparticles into the bilayer structure of transferrin-modified niosomes enables greatly enhanced and contamination-free SERS-signals in vitro as well as a dual-targeting functionality towards cancer cells.
doi:10.1039/d2sd00020b fatcat:q324xakuffhknlq7uooerkqhsu