Pharmacy Programs & Evaluations

2018 INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy  
Article 1: Positive Deviants for Medication Therapy Management: Behaviors and Delivery Strategies That Distinguish the Highest Performing Community Pharmacies Omolola A. Adeoye, PharmD; Leslie M. Lake, PharmD; Karen S. Hudmon, DrPH, MS; Alan J. Zillich, PharmD, FCCP; Margie E. Snyder, PharmD, MPH, FCCPArticle 2: Establishing Community Pharmacy Links to Clinic Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) William R. Doucette, PhD; William Evans, Pharmacy StudentArticle 3: Error Types with Use of
more » ... Use of Medication-Related Technology: A Mixed Methods Research Study Shweta R. Shah, MS; Kimberly A. Galt, PharmD, PhD; Kevin T. Fuji, PharmD, MAArticle 4: Satisfaction and Prevalence of Plan Switching for Individuals Utilizing a Pharmacy Medicare Part D Consultation Service Logan T. Murry, PharmD; Huwein Deng, Pharmacy Student; Brandon Gerleman, PharmD; Julie Urmie, PhDArticle 5: Prevalence of Fall-Risk Increasing Drugs Use among Community Dwelling Older Adults Chi-Yin Liao, BS, Graduate StudentArticle 6: Integration of a Fall Risk Assessment Model into Community Pharmacist Workflow Amna Rizvi-Toner, BS, PharmD/MPH Candidate; Korey A. Kennelty, PharmD, MS, PhD, BCGP
doi:10.24926/iip.v0i0.1496 fatcat:7vqty7ek2vgj3j46u67xtwchna