Visual Comfort in VDT Operation: Physiological Resting States of the Eye

1993 Industrial Health  
To recommend a comfortable visual display terminal (VDT) workstation design in an aspect of visual ergonomics, physiological resting states of the eye in 3 visual systems, pupil, vergence, and accommodation, were objectively investigated in 3 experiments. Experiment 1 ascertained a positive display polarity (dark characters on a bright background) and an illumination level of 500 lx to be the most appropriate working conditions, by using pupil analysis and subjective visual comfort in 10
more » ... s. Dark vergence, in experiment 2, was evaluated to be at a distance of about 50 cm from the eye, as an average in 14 subjects. Dark vergence was found to shift farther with an upward gaze while a nearer shift occurred with a downward gaze. In experiment 3, the average dark focus for 11 subjects was found to be 1.4 diopters (D) or a distance of about 74 cm from the eye. The positive correlation between refractive status of the eye and dark focus was statistically significant (r= 0.602). The ergonomic recommendations for a VDT workstation obtained in this study are a positive display polarity with an appropriate lighting condition, a downward gaze, and a viewing distance between 50 and 70 cm. These recommendations are considered to reduce visual fatigue due to prolonged VDT work and to facilitate visual comfort at work.
doi:10.2486/indhealth.31.13 pmid:8340226 fatcat:e7pj5uuocrd2jkxl26rn2rpjye