Efficacy of balloon angioplasty using Lacrosse^|^#174; non-slip element in acute myocardial infarction with small vessel disease ^|^#8212;Assessment with intracoronary optical coherence tomography^|^#8212;
Lacrosse® NSEで緊急冠動脈形成術を施行した小血管が責任の 急性心筋梗塞の4症例-光干渉断層法による評価-

Koichi Mizuno, Tomoo Harada, Fumihiko Miyake
2013 Journal of the Japanese Coronary Association  
Stentless coronary angioplasty, plain old balloon angioplasty (POBA) using a Lacrosse ® non-slip element (NSE), was performed in 4 patients (aged 60 to 79 years old, 2 males and 2 females) who were diagnosed with having acute coronary infarction (AMI). The all culprit lesions were located in the left circumflex artery and successfully reperfused by emergent percutaneous coronary intervention using a Lacrosse ® non slip element (NSE) 2.0 mm/ 2.25 mm/2.5 mm. Cardiac enzymes were peaked in the
more » ... e peaked in the early phase; no complications were found after PCI. The follow-up assessment using coronary angiography and optical coherence tomography performed about 2 weeks later showed the large dissection in 1 patient, resulting in the stent deployment. The remaining 3 patients required no stent implantation because the elements placed along the outside of Lacrosse ® NSE ensured successful deliverability with shallow cuts and uniform expansion in the culprits. Here, we report the usefulness of POBA using a Lacrosse ® NSE in AMI with small vessel desese. KEY WORDS: percutaneous coronary intervention, optical coherence tomography, non-slip element balloon, acute myocardial infarction J Jpn Coron Assoc 2013; 19: 240-246
doi:10.7793/jcoron.19.519 fatcat:d4h4ov5ebrd3fjj45dedlxo3xi