First MMW characterization of ErAs/InAlGaAs/InP semimetal-semiconductor-Schottky diode (S3) detectors for passive millimeter-wave and infrared imaging

Hooman Kazemi, Jeramy D. Zimmerman, Elliott R. Brown, Arthur C. Gossard, Glenn D. Boreman, Jonathan B. Hacker, Brian Lail, Charles Middleton, Roger Appleby, David A. Wikner
2005 Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology VIII  
We present the first mm-wave characterization of Semimetal Semiconductor Schottky (S 3 ) diodes for direct detector applications from 94 GHz to 30 THz. The S 3 devices use molecular-beam epitaxy growth of binary compounds that are closely lattice-matched and crystallographically perfect across the heterointerface to reduce 1/f and burst noise while maintaining ultra-high-frequency performance. The S 3 diodes are fabricated from an InAlGaAs/InP based material system with both the Schottky layer
more » ... the Schottky layer and contact layer having n and n + doping levels. The semimetal Schottky contact is ErAs which is grown insitu during the MBE growth. By varying the InAlAs percentage content in the epitaxial layer structure, the diode dc I-V characteristics and its zero bias responsivity are optimized. Diode s-parameter data from dc-100 GHz is used to determine the diode responsivity as a function of frequency and diode capacitance and resistance. These measurements then allow the device intrinsic and extrinsic equivalentcircuit elements to be optimized for direct detection from 94 GHz to ~30 THz.
doi:10.1117/12.604118 fatcat:hp3risqslrbqrl6dd4aqu4hhey