Upper Franconian and Lower Trempealeauan Cambrian trilobites and brachiopods, Wilberns formation, Central Texas [article]

Bell, William Charles, 1911-1979, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Howard L. Ellinwood
Forty-three species of trilobites belonging to 28 genera, 12 species of brachiopods belonging to 8 genera, and one species of gastropod are described from the Morgan Creek, Point Peak, and San Saba members of the Wilberns formation in the Llano uplift. Systematic descriptions include one new trilobite genus: Stigmacephaloides (type, S. curvabilis, n. sp.); six other new trilobite species: Monocheilus truncatus, Rasettia magna, Parabolinoides granulosus, Conaspis masonensis, C. testudinatus,
more » ... hiella scrupulosa; one new brachiopod genus: Pseudodicellomus (type, P. mosaicus ); two new brachiopod species: Billingsella rhornba, B. texana; and one new brachiopod subspecies: Billingsella corrugata inornata. Neotypes are designated for Angulotreta microscopica (Shumard) and Billingsella coloradoensis (Shumard). Four trilobite genera are placed in synonymy: Meeria Frederickson (with Idahoia), Minkella Lochman & Hu (with Saratogia), Bernia Frederickson (with Parabolinoides), Bemaspis Frederickson (with Taenicephalus ). All illustrations are stereographic.
doi:10.26153/tsw/4931 fatcat:xfc2y6wuqjdhtah3vh22baun44