G Aravinddinesh, Mr Prabukarthi, M Perumalsamy
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This paper deals with implementation of lean manufacturing concepts in the industry in order to improve the productivity of pressure vessel manufacturing in a small-scale industry that manufactures chemical separators pressure vessel for water treatment plants. The challenge face by the industry is not able to meet the customer demand due to production line stoppages and longer lead time of the product. The facility experiences production line stoppages due to non-availability of subcomponent.
more » ... he major issues are due to unstructured way of the inventory management, the time between the placing the order and receiving the finished product from the company is 6.5 days, which is a longer lead time significantly influence the stoppage in production. The supply chain activities were analysed with the help of the current state and future state value stream maps with the help of commercial software. Kanban system is implemented in industry as cards and placed. After implementing the Kanban system, the line stoppages were eliminated and improved to 68% and lead time is reduced from 6.5 days to 4.3 days.