Selective attention to lexical tones recruits left dorsal frontoparietal network

Xiaojian Li, Jack Gandour, Thomas Talavage, Donald Wong, Mario Dzemidzic, Mark Lowe, Yunxia Tong
2003 NeuroReport  
Phonological processing activates a posterior superior region of inferior prefrontal cortex, but questions still remain about the relationship between phonology and this particular region. In this fMRI experiment, subjects were asked to match an intrasyllabic unit (Chinese tones) in an experimental condition vs. whole syllables in a control condition. The only di¡erence between conditions is mediated by focus of attention, either to a subpart (i.e. tone) of the syllable or to the whole syllable
more » ... the whole syllable itself. Phonetic extraction of Chinese tones reveals a dorsal frontoparietal network in the LH that engages selective attention and internal guidance, two mediational components that are not restricted to phonological processing.
doi:10.1097/00001756-200312020-00025 pmid:14625459 fatcat:3djrxd2m75anjek75dzvuh4nrm