Cultural transgressions in contemporary literary texts for children
Transgresje kulturowe we współczesnych tekstach literackich dla dzieci

Anna Warzocha
2021 Podstawy Edukacji  
Literature, also created with children in mind, to quote Kazimierz Brodziński, is a mirror of the age and the nation. Reacting to the change of cultural paradigm, it opens the borders, meets the current needs of the audience, adapts its repertoire to their interests and new narrative practices. Contemporary technological ubiquity generates an asymmetry of semiotic matter and communicative context, which realizes displacements in the area triad: culture-literature-media, thus triggering
more » ... sions in literary texts. The questioning of the conventions of writing and printing causes modifications in the architectural structure of readings, which become on-linear, use the language of old and new media, and follow the example of audiovisual productions. The article highlights some of the transformations taking place in literature aimed at the on-adult reader in times of a culture that is changing anthropologically in spectacular and audiovisual way.
doi:10.16926/pe.2021.14.05 fatcat:bay3vmbdfnhdxcx5xiecc5rnya