TOFU: Target-Oriented FUzzer [article]

Zi Wang, Ben Liblit, Thomas Reps
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Program fuzzing---providing randomly constructed inputs to a computer program---has proved to be a powerful way to uncover bugs, find security vulnerabilities, and generate test inputs that increase code coverage. In many applications, however, one is interested in a target-oriented approach-one wants to find an input that causes the program to reach a specific target point in the program. We have created TOFU (for Target-Oriented FUzzer) to address the directed fuzzing problem. TOFU's search
more » ... biased according to a distance metric that scores each input according to how close the input's execution trace gets to the target locations. TOFU is also input-structure aware (i.e., the search makes use of a specification of a superset of the program's allowed inputs). Our experiments on xmllint show that TOFU is 28% faster than AFLGo, while reaching 45% more targets. Moreover, both distance-guided search and exploitation of knowledge of the input structure contribute significantly to TOFU's performance.
arXiv:2004.14375v2 fatcat:bkbyycfxubdwzjchbyqjq5lp3y