A Comparison between Securely Attached People from the Perspective of Quran and Psychology

Fakhrossadat Hosseinilar, Manijeh Yailagh, Alireza Haj, Yakhchali Assistant, Mohaddeseh Shafipoor
2016 unpublished
Attachment is one of interesting and leading traits of human. This work in Quran and in theology culture is reminded as love. Love can creates large enthusiasm in the human and increase power and tolerate of man and is successful in term of psychology. The experience of childhood about love influences on behavioral growth in the life. Secure adults more than stressful adults uses conflict-stability pattern required personality stability. Secure individuals don't tend to use disruptive
more » ... isruptive strategies in conflicting situations. So, in this study researcher tries to find improving methods and modify the experiences of childhood in someone who visited to psychological center to treat stressful disorders. Or young girls and boys who want to marry visit the consulting before marriage. Secure attached human is merciful. Healthy human in perspective of Quran is like secure attached human. Methodology: this is descriptive study as post-event and casual comparative. Researcher didn't play any role to create psychological problems in the objects. Later, Quasi-experimental method was used to examine the efficiency of changing attitude treatment. Statistical society of all samples: all clients who visited consulting center with stress disorders to treat. Sample group: clients who were identified as stressful. The tool of study is attachment questionnaire of "Hazen" and "Shavez" which its reliability and validity was obtained by Shahid Beheshti center (2005). Merciful style was used by Amini Far et al (2012). Descriptive statistic was used to analyze data. Average and deviation of score in secure attachment style was three kinds of secure, stress and isolation. Findings: group of development study believes that pattern of merciful process include two behavioral and psychological processes and is happened in a merciful individual when want to forgive someone. They define merciful as emotional, cognitive and behavioral integration which cause a respond means merciful. (Rainey, 2008, p.91).