Recurrence of Granulosa Tumor of The Ovary in a Bartholin Gland

Ahmet Cem İyibozkurt, Azize Türkanık Turhan, Samet Topuz, Işıl Uzun, Yavuz Salihoğlu, Ergin Bengisu
2008 Turkish Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Objective: Granulosa type of sex-cord stromal tumor of the ovary is rare. They tend to recur late mostly in the pelvis, but intraabdominal and hepatic metastases are also seen. We would like to present a case, operated for granulosa tumor 10 years ago, who had a recurrence in bartholin gland along with intraabdominal metastases. As far as we know, this is the first case in literature of a granulosa tumor recurring in a bartholin gland. Results: Having optimally operated for a stage I granulosa
more » ... stage I granulosa tumor (macrofollicular and diffuse types - grade 2 differentiation) 10 years ago, the 54 year-old-patient with complaints of abdominal distention and presence of a palpable mass in vulva was diagnosed to have widespread relapse. She had mild complaints for almost a year but she did not seek medical advice. The main necrotic mass was around 25 cm and she had two other omental metastasis of around 7 cm, all optimally removed by surgery. The other mass of 5x2.5 cm located in the bartholin gland was also excised. All lesions were reported to be recurrence of the granulosa cell tumor. The patient had adjuvant chemotherapy and was well at her 6th month of postoperative follow-up. Conclusions: Although mostly recurring in pelvis and abdomen, we document a case of recurrent granulosa cell tumor of the ovary in vulvar bartholin gland. Since granulosa tumor recurrences are thought to arise from occult disease, it may be speculated that this recurrence was spread from the intra-abdominal metastasis hematogenously.
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