Mustafa AKKUŞ
2016 Selçuk Üniversitesi Türkiyat Araştırmaları Dergisi  
The Mongols established a great empire under the leadership of Genghis Khan within a short period of time governed both Asia and Europe. The Mongols, who launched frequent raids until the reign of Mongke Khan, attacked the Muslim world after having established a great army through consensus. Hulagu Khan, who led the great army SUTAD 40 Abaqa Khan followed the policies of his father and kept the oppressive policies against Muslims in the region. This study aims at investigating the religious
more » ... ves of Abaqa Khan's political maneouvres on the Ilkhanid lands and its vassal states. Abaqa Khan's religious personality, religious educatian and culture, his stance towards religion, his relations with the clergy, and its reflections on the policy are also concerned in this paper. Particularly, the effects of his religious thoughts and practices on the Sultanate of Rum and Anatolian Muslims will be discussed. •
doi:10.21563/sutad.270098 fatcat:es26yuhi7jh7tmkmvwqr75mh5a