Treatment of cattle pyroplasmidosis in the conditions of Dagestan Republic

S. Sh. Abdulmagomedov, A. Yu. Aliev, R. M. Bakrieva, E. A. Belkin
2021 Agrarian science  
Relevance. Dagestan Republic in terms of natural and climatic characteristics is the most favorable for the of ixodid ticks - carriers of pathogens of blood-parasitic diseases of farm animals. In this regard, further improvement of the set of scientifically grounded control measures and the search for new promising chemotherapeutic drugs of the prevention and treatment of pyroplasmidosis of cattle are major problem of great national economic importance.Materials and methods. The studies were
more » ... ried out in farms, unfavorable on pyroplasmidosis, in the conditions of Dagestan Republic. The object of the study was cattle, spontaneously invaded by various types of blood parasites. Experеmental and control groups in production experiments were selected according to the principle of analogues. In the first control group (n = 10) the drug was not used. The second (n = 10) was injected with the drug DAC 5% at a dose of 1 ml/20 kg (DV 2.5 mg/kg), intramuscularly, at the rate 5 ml per 100 kg of live weight. The animals of the third (n = 10) were injected with the injectable preparation forticarb 10% at a dose of 4 ml/100 kg (DV 4 mg/kg) of live weight, intramuscularly, once.Results. It was found that with a single intramuscular injection of forticarb at the rate 2 ml/50 kg of live weight, the temperature and parasitic reaction in the body of sick animals decreased in a very short time. Therapeutic efficacy in pyroplasmidosis of cattle was 90%.
doi:10.32634/0869-8155-2021-349-5-8-10 fatcat:i7usiovtmjhnzc3ywc3mtwslcq